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Beauty Bubble - Moist Co2 Peel Mask Pack 3 Pcs

Beauty BubbleBeauty Bubble - Moist Co2 Peel Mask Pack 3 Pcs

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Brand from Japan: Beauty Bubble. Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and combines with water to form carbonic acid. The molecules of carbonic acid are very small and can penetrate the muscle base quickly. The illusion of hypoxia occurs when vascular cells in the fundus encounter carbonic acid. This stimulates red blood cells to produce a lot of oxygen to the skin cells. Increase activity and self-repair ability to effectively promote collagen synthesis. And remove the residual dirt in the pores by the surface tension of the carbonate bubbles. Carbonated beauty was originally a popular treatment for Japanese professional beauty salons. Beauty Bubble is the first to create a simple and clean design. Carbonation mask that can be applied at home without any utensils. Add a variety of high-quality moisturizing ingredients to highly penetrate the skin through carbonation. Carbonated bubbles can thoroughly clean dirt and black keratin that are clogged in pores, tighten pores and firm skin. A carbonation gel will form after 20 minutes on the face. A soft, gel-like gel does not burden the skin when peeled off. And take away aging keratin to increase skin clarity. High moisturizing version adds collagen, hyaluronic acid, which makes skin supple and transparent, full of elasticity. How to use: Please use after washing face, use 1-2 times a week. Fold the bag in half along the middle dotted line. Press the A part of the bag with your finger in the direction of the arrow on the bag to break the center of the bag and push the agent A to the B agent. Intensively mix A and B (about 30 seconds), use immediately after mixing. After opening, use a spatula to remove the gel and spread evenly over the entire eye area. After drying (about 20 minutes), peel off the mask from the side, you can decide whether you need to flush according to your needs.

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