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Harry's Harrys Razor Blades For Men  8 Pack Of Razor Blade Refills

Harry'sHarry's Harrys Razor Blades For Men 8 Pack Of Razor Blade Refills

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Harrys razors for men have all the features you need for a close, comfortable shave. Harrys 5 blade cartridges feature sharp, German-engineered mens razor blades that evenly distribute pressure over your skin, ensuring a quality shave. Each blade refill features a rubber flex hinge with a balance of elasticity and resistance to help your razor glide comfortably over the contours of your face. The special blade at the top of the razor blade cartridge is the precision trimmer, which makes it easy to trim sideburns and hairs in hard-to-reach places, like under your nose. By owning their own German factory, where theyve been manufacturing razor blades for men for over 100 years, Harrys can sell sharp, quality blades at fair prices. To make your shave even more comfortable, pair Harrys razor blades with Harrys shave prep or post-shave products, like shaving cream, shaving gel, post-shave balm, or post-shave mist. ABOUT HARRYS Harrys started in 2013. Our founders, Jeff and Andy, were tired of overpaying for razors, so they launched Harrys to offer quality razors for men at honest prices. Since then, weve evolved into a mens grooming company that makes mens razors and blades and a variety of mens grooming products, including shaving cream, body wash and bar soap for men, and mens hair-styling and hair care products. Rather than overdesign or overcharge, we prioritize quality craftsmanship, simple design, and fair value for mens grooming essentials. Through our social mission, we also give back: We believe in better access to mental health care, so we donate 1percent of our sales to nonprofits that provide these services to men in need. Size: 8. Gender: male.

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