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Kose - Clear Turn Babyish Mask (moisture) 50 Pcs

KoseKose - Clear Turn Babyish Mask (moisture) 50 Pcs

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Brand from Japan: Kose. Moisturizing plentiful baby Mikiyaki intensive care mask for your skin. It will deliver moisture to the skin (stratum corneum) deeply until the skin condition is adjusted. Skin Conditioning Ingredients (Baby Mint, Camomile Extract). Think of pure skin, prescribing emphasis on kindness. No fragrance, coloring, mineral oil, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, surfactant free, silicon free. Sheet using soft fluffy domestic cotton soft. It is easy to spread because cotton is densely woven in, and it fits tightly according to the irregularities of the face. A material that contains plenty of beauty essence, it will deliver moisture firmly to the skin (cuticle layer) deeply. Hyaluronic Acid - Lipidure formulation moist type. How to use: Remove the mask one by one from the bag and spread it. Fold back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward. First align the position of the eyes and then the position of the mouth, put it on the whole face. Lightly hold it so that no air enters, and bring it into close contact with the skin. When care of the eyes, close the eyes as closely wrapped in the last folded part. Leave the mask as it is after about 10 minutes. Then it is more effective if you apply the essence remaining on your skin with the palm of your hand.

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