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Kose - Clear Turn Premium Royal Gelee Mask 4pcs - 2 Types

KoseKose - Clear Turn Premium Royal Gelee Mask 4pcs - 2 Types

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Brand from Japan: Kose. Clear Turn Premium Royal Gelee Mask 4pcs Collagen Selected luxury beauty ingredients at a high concentration, delivering a rich moisture up a notch to the skin Concentrated beauty juice 6 roles of 1 role Jule mask. The skin of deficient feeling also plumps and it peels off to the skin which leaves it. Clear Turn Premium Royal Gelee Mask 4pcs Hyaluronic Acid A premium skin care mask for special days to deliver high concentration hyaluronic acid to the skin. A rich juicy essence with high penetration feeling, plenty of luxurious beauty ingredients carefully selected. Deliver deliciously deep and moisture to the skin. With the all-in-one effect, the moisture that springs up from the inside of the skin, makes dry fine lines less noticeable. When you want to make the feeling of elasticity more than usual, when you want to make special skin care easily for the makeup nouri UP of an important day, relax skin care time to the maintenance of your skin. Weakly acidic, colorless, mineral oil, silicone free, UV absorber free. A relaxing floral fragrance. How to use: Use on clean skin after cleansing. You can use it as a bag while warming it by floating for about 5 minutes in a bathtub of about 40 degrees or cooling it in a refrigerator. You can use it everyday to match your skin condition. Because of the characteristics of the product, it is yellowish. Pack Size - 4 pcs

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