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Kose - Hyalocharge White Lotion (light) 150ml

KoseKose - Hyalocharge White Lotion (light) 150ml

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Brand from Japan: Kose. Kose is the first to be recognized as a super moisturizing sacred product - hyaluronic acid and double high-efficiency whitening ingredients - vitamin C and coix seed. Immediately at the instant of application, it can quickly complete hydration, water storage and water retention for dry skin, creating a water-repellent net that does not leak water. The moisturizing degree is improved, and the appetite of the skin is wide open, so that the whitening ingredients can be absorbed to the bottom layer at one time, so that dark skin color disappears and only the amazing luster and transparency are seen. High-purity vitamin C, the skin is as white and translucent as after introduction, high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the skin is full of water, and the transparent up does not stop. Hyaluronic acid and high-purity VC, Coix seed extract is concentrated in the original bottle of moisturizing essence. Immediately after application, it can quickly complete hydration, water storage and shrinkage to form a water-preserving king. At the same time, whitening ingredients absorb the deepest layer of skin. Dull no longer, only moisturizing whitening and clear skin. How to use: After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount to your face with your fingertips or cotton pad.

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