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Koji - Dolly Wink Eyelash (#09 Natural Dolly) 2 Pairs

KojiKoji - Dolly Wink Eyelash (#09 Natural Dolly) 2 Pairs

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Brand from Japan: Koji. From Dolly Wink that fulfills the desire of a greedy girl. An adorable cosmetics with a pure daisy for a bit retro macaroon color was born. It has a charming expression that shows suddenly. Such a thing, drawing out the charm that the girls have together, it will make the best cute of our own. An eyelash line of commitment that can be used for everyday use and even for dressing up. The royal road natural type sticking to the sense of bushy. Easy to familiarize yourself with self eyelash, with a natural finish to soft eyes. How to use: Pinch the eyes of the eyelashes with the tweezers, etc., and gently peel off from the case so as not to damage the eyelashes. Since eyelashes are decided for the right eye and the left eye, be sure to check when using. To make it easy to fit in your eyes, hold the ends of the peeled eyelashes and bend and stretch them about ten times. Cut with the scissors according to your eyes want. While attaching adhesive little by little from the tube, attach it to the root of the eyelash. Lay down so that the eyelash's hairline can be seen and attach the eyelashes to the lashes of the eyelashes so that they overlap from above the eyelash. Lightly hold the eyelash in the center of the eyes > inside of the eyes > in the order of the eyelids, finally pinch your eyelashes with your fingers and finish naturally if you let it fit.

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